Historic games

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Historic Games

Games Bread Plates

Our game boards on this page can be used on both sides:

on one side as a bread plate and on the other side as a board.

The playing surface was burned in by hand. Unless otherwise stated, the game boards will be delivered untreated. Our board games can be ordered with or without tiles (marble), so a bag of tiles is sufficient for all games.

The bag (leather) for the tiles is available free of charge when you first order a game board. If tiles are lost, you can be reordered at any time.

Bag games

Our bag games are ideal for holidays, LARP and medieval warehouses.

They require little space and can therefore be easily taken with you. You don’t need to carry a bulky board or box with you to spend a nice game night. Bag games are set up with a few simple steps and can be played in the smallest space. The leather bag with the characters is also the game board. After the game you pull on the bands and everything is tidy again.

Our leather bags are made of soft beef/calf suede. The playing fields were burned in by hand and painted with special leather colors.


Historic Games

The term historical games refers in particular to games from past centuries and antiquity. In addition to the Alquerque, the Nimm-Gib game or the Astragal cubes, the most famous historical games also include historical card games such as the Stuttgart card game. Depending on the cultural circles and social position, the rules of the game differed in part at that time.

Selection of historical games:

Historic Games for Markets and Role-Playing Meetings

To have the right historical games ready for the next market or role-playing game, we offer a wide selection of authentically crafted cards, historical board games and medieval card games for a convivial evening at the campfire.

Historical games for sale

In our sales stand at a medieval market or in our online shop you will find historical games in a wide selection and in high quality. To order your selection, click on „Add to cart“ under the selected item and follow the instructions in the payment process. Within a few days you will receive your historical games from us.