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What is a muskapple?

The muskapple also „scentapple“ is a spherical container made of silver, gold or bronze and is used for storage for the very intensive odour preparation „Bisam“ (ambra, cinnamon or musk). The muskapple was usually worn in a chain as a pendant around the neck.

Occurrence and use of the muskapple

With the Crusades, fragrances also came to Europe. The first mention in the European culture was found in 1174,when the envoys of Baldwin IV. Frederick I presented golden apples filled with musk. Poor as well as rich people could carry a muskapple with them. It was worn on a chain around the neck, incorporated into rosaries, worn on the belt or on a short chain on the finger and held to the nose to counteract illness. Bisamapples were available in various forms and with up to eight subdivisions. They were also used as jewellery and status symbols until the 17th century. Worn.

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Nachempfindung eines Ausstellungsstückes aus dem Museeum für angewandte Kunst in KölnVerfügbar in Silber und vergoldetem Silber